Welcoming A New Neighbor, And A Great President!


As the attention in the media is misplaced today, as it so often is, I make note of the most newsworthy item of the day. President George Bush, and his most gracious first lady, Laura, will be departing the festering cesspool, known as Washington, D.C., and returning to the great state of Texas.

I am not alone in welcoming he and his bride home, as witnessed by the above yard sign, created and distributed by two young men here in Dallas. There are many, scattered around the near neighborhoods to W’s new home. While I am glad to be getting such a good new neighbor, I was a bit surprised that he didn’t move to the ranch. I certainly would have, after all the hard work, and senseless drivel he has had to put up with from the idiots on the left, but Laura wanted to live in town, and W will be close to his Presidential library and policy center.

I have voted four times for W, since his political career began, and have never regretted it, and never will. As our two term governor, his accomplishments were tremendous, and his sincerity for doing what was best for Texas was so compelling, that the legendary Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock, the long time leader of the Democrats in Texas, even endorsed W for his second term as Governor, despite the fact that his God-Son was W’s opponent. W took that same attitude of governance to D.C.(District of Chaos), but encountered the poisoned well of liberalism, which is unwilling to show a modicum of respect to a dignified man, if he doesn’t adhere to their delusional view of the world in which we live.

The Bush family begins their return home today, first with a visit to the city where he and Laura first met, and his career began, Midland, Texas. They are expecting a sold out event, for their welcome home.

From his first day in office, to the last, W has always remained true to what he believed was right, and was seldom wrong, in following that course. His tax cuts propelled our economy to unprecedented numbers, despite the Democrats resistance, and their failure to adhere to his advice, resulting in the economic declines in the past year.

What will be remembered foremost, about W’s years in office, is his successful leadership in the GWOT, that there have been no attacks on American soil since 9-11-01, despite many attempts, and that he liberated over 50,000,000 people, helped create new democratically elected governments in the middle east, removed a brutal, murderous, terrorists supporting dictator, scattered the Taliban and Al Qaida into the hills, and exposed our alleged European allies, and the UN, for the feckless appeasers ands cowards, they truly are.

Here are a few other voices:

Kyle-Ann Shiver

Your Iraq War was the rallying cry for mad Mullahs and their proselytized masses in every little country and Islamic enclave from here to Europe to Africa and across the Arab world. What genius. While you drew them all to Iraq, and they were forced to fight our soldiers and marines, they could not simultaneously perpetrate atrocities against our civilian populace at home. I’ll say it again and again. Brilliant, dear Sir, just brilliant.

I’ll thank you to my dying day for your astute decision to house the enemy combatants in Cuba, and not here on American soil. How many American children you’ve saved, we’ll never know, but that you have saved many is undeniable. I’ll put the right to safety of American school children over the rights of terrorist, homicidal maniacs every day. Coming up with solutions to thorny, never-before-encountered problems is yet another mark of your wartime sagacity.

So, G.W., I bid you a sad farewell; I miss you already. You are one President, dear Sir, who has been fully worthy of the title, and I doubt we’ll see your equal, perhaps ever again. Courage like yours doesn’t seem to come along more than once or twice in a generation.


The credit for the West’s wholly transformed strategic position in that region(ME) must go to President George W. Bush. Thank you, Mr. President.

Greg Sheridan

More generally, in a world supposedly awash in anti-US sentiment, pro-American leaders keep winning elections. Germany’s Angela Merkel is certainly more pro-American than Gerhard Schroeder, whom she replaced. The same is true of France’s Nicolas Sarkozy.

More importantly in terms of Green’s analysis, the same is also true of South Korea’s new President. Lee Myung-bak, elected in a landslide in December, is vastly more pro-American than his predecessor, Roh Moo-hyun.

Even in majority Islamic societies, their populations allegedly radicalised and polarised by Bush’s campaign in Iraq and the global war on terror more generally, election results don’t show any evidence of these trends. In the most recent local elections in Indonesia, and in national elections in Pakistan, the Islamist parties with anti-American rhetoric fared very poorly. Similarly Kevin Rudd was elected as a very pro-American Labor leader, unlike Mark Latham, with his traces of anti-Americanism, who was heavily defeated.


But had there been another terrorist attack or, even worse, a dozen more in cities all over America – a fear that would not have been exaggerated on 9/12 – would we have allowed ourselves the luxury of quarreling over legally suspect counterterrorism measures, even though such internal debates are credits to our liberal democracy and constitutional freedoms?

Terrorism is now largely off the table in the minds of most Americans.

But in gearing up to elect a new president, we are left to wonder how, in spite of numerous failed policies and poor judgement, President Bush’s greatest achievement was denied to him by people who ungratefully availed themselves of the protection that his administration provided.

Robert Gates

Some might remember the story of Staff Sergeant Michael McNaughton of the Louisiana National Guard. In January 2003, he stepped on a land mine 30 miles north of Kabul and lost his right leg. President Bush visited Michael at Walter Reed and suggested they go for a run when he received his prosthetic. Months later Michael and the president jogged around the South Lawn of the White House together.

A single promise to a single soldier. A small act that reflects President Bush’s commitment to care for and honor every member of the armed forces. Mr. President, every day these volunteers execute your orders with courage and determination – facing down danger for the greater good of America. On behalf of more than two million men and women in uniform, we are deeply grateful for your leadership and service to America in a time of war.

Finally and personally, I would like to thank you for granting me the opportunity to serve as Secretary of Defense. It is true that I have been known to grouse from time to time about coming back to Washington, D.C. Yet working every day with our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines has been the greatest honor of my life and I will always owe you a debt of gratitude for that. I have appreciated your steadfast confidence and support over these past two years. I wish you and Laura the very best as you begin the next phase in your lives.

There are many, many more grateful voices that appreciate President Bush and the great job he did in protecting it’s citizens, and policies promoting a robust economy. I will be the first to criticize him for not using his veto authority in his first term, on so many bills that I believe he should have vetoed. I believe government spending was too high, that he didn’t defend himself vigorously enough to the critical voices raised against him, and that he didn’t use his political capital for reforming Social(ist) Security. However, I can disagree with many of his policies, without affixing the deluded notions that the ignorant and venomous left has so reveled in, for the past eight years.

I sincerely welcome you home, Mr. President. You and your family deserve the respect and dignity you have always displayed to others, and you certainly deserve the peace that will come, now that you are removed from the public arena. As your new neighbor, I look forward to seeing your motorcades when you and your bride go out on shopping trips, or important appointments. As a true Texan, I will always give a friendly wave, and situation permitting, I will always try and exit my vehicle, and give you a proper salute, for being my Commander In Chief. I was always proud to vote for you, and you have made me proud in the way you conducted yourself in office, and by returning decency and dignity to the White House, after the previous occupants antics.

Thank You, President Bush, and Laura, for all you have done, and welcome home!

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Just words? (Part 2)

It’s just one word, but John Roberts and Barack Obama had difficulty with a preposition during the administration of the Presidential Oath of Office …

Each president recites the following oath, in accordance with Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” source

“Of”, instead of “to”. Does this mean the new POTUS is really the new PTTUS?


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