McCain-Palin: Confirmed!

“There will be a woman on the ticket. And, it isn’t Hillary.”

So stated Fox News’ Carl Cameron as he confirmed from the McCain Campaign that Sarah Palin, the 44 year old Governor of Alaska is the choice for the GOP VP nomination.

Great choice for VP, and a true game-changer.

Here is an earlier blog entry about Gov Palin, including a nice writeup from Pat Ruffini.

And, a video interview of Gov Palin on the Beck Show.

more at CNN

37 Responses

  1. Wow! Didn’t see that one coming. Great choice though. Should make the election a breeze.

  2. Nice pick, indeed

  3. From the UK this looks like the good news American conservatives want to hear. I’m really pleased.

    Not that it matters – Europe has already voted for Obama – we are being told by our news media that only HE can save the US. He will be installed as your President at a time of the rest of the world’s choosing!

    Seriously though….I was watching a prog yesterday that said that 90% of American women who are told they are to give birth to a baby with Downs Syndrome choose to abort. For that grace alone this lady should be lauded. If any other group were being so calously destroyed it would count as genocide. It is at least eugenics.

    I’m also told she supports guns and loves the great outdoors… she seems to have all the credentials…and her relative inexperience will be hard for the Democrats to needle – after all – look at who they want for President!

    With any luck Obama will spin off the planet like a farting baloon.

  4. I think Palin is a stupid choice. John McCain is in his 70s and selects a nobody female governor of Alaska with 2 years in that seat. His most potent argument against Obama was lack of experience. Now, in order to satisy certain voting blocks – Christian conservatives and women- he is willing to put a political novice with zero foreign policy experience a heart beat away from the presidency.

  5. Well tell me Peter, just what experience does BHO have? 140 working days in the senate? Street activist before that. And he is running for president. A political novice with zero foreign policy experience indeed.

    Here, check out some of the things Sarah Palin has done.
    Go Here, and then come up with something, anything, that BHO has done.

  6. Well, I was quite pleased, and had thought about her just the other day, as her buzz had died down over a month ago.
    A great choice, and a wonderful woman, someone we can all be proud of as an American.
    The experience gap between Mc and B-HO still exists, which is only one of B-HO’s glaring weaknesses.
    Unlike B-HO, Super Sarah actually took the time to visit wounded troops at Landstuhl Germany last year, she has visited Iraq as many times as B-HO, and like Mc, she has a child serving in the Armed Forces, soon to deploy to Iraq.
    She clings to her love of family, her Bible, and her guns. B-HO and Biden cling to their gaffes.
    And unlike B-HO and Biden, Super Sarah has actual executive experience, and has an 80% approval rating in Alaska, an almost unheard of rating, and one that Congress is likely to launch a blue ribbon panel to examine, and appoint a special prosecutor to see if it is criminal for an elected official to be that popular with her constituents.

  7. My first take?
    Same as Robt D: Yippeeeee!
    I don’t reckon I’m going to have to go fishing on election day after all.

  8. Conservatives are feeling less betrayed since then morning, that’s fo’ danged sho’.

  9. pumas were not impressed by the obamahdi’s speech.
    Interesting thread here

  10. June and the ponies are having a tough night.
    Better days will be ahead.

  11. Well, I had mixed feelings watching the game last night. I want the ponies to do well, while on the other hand, the QB for Rice is the grandson of one of my clients. He comes from a good family, and is a darn good ball player, and I would like to see him have a good senior year, injury free.

  12. I hate to say it, folks, but I agree with Peter. With all the many qualified people in the Republican Party, is this really the best McCain could do here? The answer is a resounding no. Yes, she’s a smart woman who has been successful at everything she’s done so far. But this does NOT qualify her for the second highest office in the land.

    Ask yourself: if she had been running in the Republican primary, would you have even considered voting for her? Even for a second? The answer is surely no. So that said, how can you be comfortable with her a heartbeat away from the presidency? Some day, she might very well make a fine president. But not today.

    The argument against her lack of experience seems to be “how much experience does Obama have?” But this is entirely irrelevant. I have no intention of voting for Obama, and neither, I strongly suspect, does anyone else reading this. Obama’s lack of experience is why I would never vote for him, and Palin’s lack of experience is why I now feel a little less comfortable voting for McCain.

    McCain’s experience vs. Obama’s utter lack of it is what McCain had going for him. With another, equally experienced running mate, he might have buried Obama with this issue. But not now. Bearing in mind that the one thing we all have in common hear is a mutual desire to see McCain win the presidency, I think we all should be concerned that his choice could leave his ticket vulnerable to the very criticism that has been quite rightly aimed at Obama.

    I’ll still vote for McCain, but I’ll be praying nightly he lives another eight years.


    “taking up a glowing cinder with the tongs and lighting with it the long cherry-wood pipe which was wont to replace his clay when he was in a disputatious rather than a meditative mood”–Dr. John H. Watson

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  13. Takes all kinds….


  14. Takes all kinds…

    Well, that’s what makes America great. That we can disagree without violence. That we have presidential elections every four years, and the loser DOESN’T get taken out behind the wall and shot (unlike some places).

    Believe me, I want McCain to win as much as anyone here. But I do wonder if this move really makes sense, from either a short term political perspective, or a long term national security one.


  15. And by the way, how does it make it a more vulnerable ticket when she kicks BHO’s ass in experience?
    Palin vs. Obama
    Two people with more experience and common sense than the other two. That seems to add up to most folks.

  16. For me, I thought Mc would win anyway, but it was gonna be a nail-biter.
    Now? I think he will cake walk into town.
    The conservative base wasn’t enthusiastic about voting for Mc, and weren’t donating to his campaign. The selection of Palin has changed that in a dramatic fashion, and as of this afternoon, Mc’s campaign had received over $7million in donations since the announcement yesterday. Considering that his campaign had never exceeded a million in donations in a single day, the cause is easy to see.
    What’s more, the disaffected Hillary supporters, as well as independent female voters, are very enthusiastic about her nomination.
    As for the experience factor, she is the only one of the four competing for high office, that actually has any foreign relation or executive experience, she has been to Iraq as many times as B-HO, and as Gov., was the commander in chief of their National Guard.
    I understand what you are saying, MoR, but a closer look at her accomplishments show a trend in her abilities, and at her conservatism, which is what I find most appealing, considering how Mc has traditionally treated and viewed conservatives.
    In nearly every campaign I’ve seen, there have always been questions about the choices of VP, and their ability to take charge. This is no different, except that this time, I believe she would perform admirably, if required.

  17. And BTW, how’s the college football treating you?

  18. by the way, how does it make it a more vulnerable ticket when she kicks BHO’s ass in experience?

    You’re missing my point. Whether she has more experience than Obama is irrelevant.

    The issue is NOT whether she has more experience than Obama, but whether she is the best person McCain could have chosen as his running mate. From either a political or a governmental perspective, the answer is no. Romney, Ridge, Hutchinson, even Joe Lieberman would have been far better choices.

    The issue is quite simply this: if God forbid anything happens to McCain while he’s in office, any of the people I just mentioned (plus several that I haven’t) would be far, far more qualified to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth than Sarah Palin.

    Furthermore, if Americans start thinking about whom they want a heartbeat from the presidency, they may very well conclude that Biden is the better choice. If you want to start talking about experience, Biden clearly has more experience in the ways of Washington than Sarah Palin.

    What’s more, the disaffected Hillary supporters, as well as independent female voters, are very enthusiastic about her nomination.

    N2L: I think you may be overestimating the support she’ll get from female Hillary supporters, who are by and large left of center as well as being (mostly) pro-choice. Palin is obviously neither. While no doubt there are women out there to whom Palin’s gender trumps all other concerns, I strongly suspect that the majority of Hillary’s supporters will find Palin’s politics too right of center for their liking.

    Please don’t misinterpret what I’m writing. I want McCain to win as much as you do. But I think his choice of VP candidate is ill advised, and at the very least may make this campaign far more of a nail biter than it would have been if he had chosen a more experienced person as his running mate. Had he done so, I believe he would have buried Obama with the experience issue.


  19. MoR, we can discuss this point endlessly.
    As for the women voters, especially the Puma’s, they are very excited about Palin.
    There is this one, where they are loving on Palin.
    Then there is this one, where they are not loving on the donk party.

    Goodbye Howard Dean. Goodbye Barack Obama. Goodbye Nancy Pelosi. Goodbye Donna Brazile. You have not only lost the White House for the Democratic Party. Today you have brought the Democratic Party to the brink of irrelevancy altogether. John McCain has played you all like a piano.

    Today we say GOODBYE to the OLD Democratic Party. The OLD Democratic Party has led us to DISASTER. John McCain and Sarah Palin will win in November by a landslide.

    The Anchoress had this great post up on Friday.

    UPDATE: Someone just emailed me that McCain has “made a cynical move nominating not the best for the job, but the most appealing.”

    Geez, be careful there, friend. You open yourself to the question of whether the Democrats did not also make “a cynical move, nominating not the best for the job, but the most appealing.” Unless, of course, you’re ready to make the argument that Obama is truly better qualified to be president than Biden, Chris Dodd or, you know, Hillary.

    The Democrats have to be careful, now, and so does the press. Much of what they’d like to say about Palin – about age, experience, identity politics, etc – will only open the door to similar inquiry about Obama. And the bottom line to those sorts of debates will always be this: Palin is at the bottom of the ticket; Obama is at the top. Talk Left is wisely trying to warn them.

    See also, Desperation From Democrats.

    If the focus is only on her experience, I still value it more than B-HO’s or Biden. To me the focus is on the GOP winning, and I think her nomination provides a greater assurance than any other candidate could. The excitement over her selection is palpable, and I haven’t seen this much enthusiasm in the GOP since….?

  20. BTW, nuke, Mc/Palin are going to be in Jackson today.

  21. This is too good!
    You gotsta’ save this one, somewhere!

    TALE OF THE TAPE:Sarah Palin vs. B-HO.

  22. yeah, we’ve got our hands full right now. I’m going to wait and catch McPal on the tube.

  23. I bet you do, what with all the hatches and sheepshanks, and such.
    My folks in Houma and Slidell have already bailed.

  24. The issue is quite simply this: if God forbid anything happens to McCain while he’s in office, any of the people I just mentioned (plus several that I haven’t) would be far, far more qualified to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth than Sarah Palin.

    What part of experience don’t you understand? BHO is running for POTUS. Palin is on the ticket for V.P. She is more qualified than the the man running for POTUS on the other side. If it were a perfect world only God would rule.

  25. Robert D, I edited your comment.
    Does it appear as you had intended?

  26. Thank you n2l. It’s good. That is a nice piece there at AT.

  27. What part of experience don’t you understand? BHO is running for POTUS. Palin is on the ticket for V.P. She is more qualified than the the man running for POTUS on the other side. If it were a perfect world only God would rule.

    To which I might very well respond: what part of my point don’t YOU understand?

    Even if I grant you that Palin has more executive experience than Obama, it’s still irrelevant. Your argument seems to be: “Palin has more experience than Obama, therefore she is the best person for the GOP VP nomination.” This is complete rubbish.

    What you SHOULD be asking is NOT whether she is more experienced than Obama. I’ve already stated that I have no intention of voting for Obama, largely (but not entirely) because of his paucity of experience. Rather, you should be asking whether Palin is the best person to be sitting a heartbeat away from the presidency, a very real concern given McCain’s age and health histrory. Is she more qualified than Tom Ridge? Or Kay Bailey Hutchinson? Or even Joe Leiberman? Obviously not.

    Strictly from a political perspective, the move is risky, but it certainly has merit. She will attract some disaffected Hillary supporters, which I find rather bizarre, considering the only thing Palin and Hillary have in common politically is their gender. But I do believe that most female Hillary supporters will ultimately remain loyal to their party and vote for Obama.

    But from a governance point of view, it’s a very questionable move. To say that she has more experience than Obama merely damns her with faint praise, while ignoring the real issue here, which is that if McCain dies while in office, she will inherit a job for which many others in her party were far more qualified.


  28. Rather, you should be asking whether Palin is the best person to be sitting a heartbeat away from the presidency

    And I answer with a resounding HELL YES!!

  29. I would be genuinely curious as to why you feel that Sarah Palin is more qualified than any of the people I named above.

    Of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but obviously I couldn’t disagree more. I honestly feel like this is a case of “my party, right or wrong.” Loyalty to the Conservative principle doesn’t necessarily mean automatically agreeing with everything they say. Loyalty means wanting them to be the best that they can be, and with Palin as VP candidate, I don’t they are.

  30. Change is hard to take at first, but I respect your point of view.

  31. Fair enough.

    I wouldn’t mind being wrong on this one. Palin is clearly a very smart woman with a bright political future, but I can’t help but worry that she’s being rushed along ahead of her time here.

    And believe me, I’d like nothing more than to see her dribble Joe Biden like a cheap basketball in their upcoming debate, which could very well happen as I understand she’s an adept debater while Biden is not known for being particularly fast on his feet.

  32. I would rather have somebody in Washington, D.C. who believes in limited government, self reliance, and capitalism than the endless whining about eeevil corporations and Bush is the anti-Christ that I’ve gotten very, very tired of hearing from most politicians.

    Senator McCain needed somebody that the conservative southern voters could be happy with. Gov. Crist of Florida is NOT that man. He’s busily turning Florida into a showplace for “green” energy and unaffordable power, and I believe he’ll be ditched next election.

    Obama was trying to portray McCain as a stodgy ol’ politician who is set in his ways. So, McCain chose a fresh faced, self-reliant VP candidate from Alaska, became the talk of the nation, and short-circuited the Obama Adoration Cycle (and finally got some press) while Obama picked the epitome of dull for his VP candidate

    Once again, McCain is inside Obama’s OODA loop.

  33. Her husband is a Real Man™, too.

  34. Seriously, I was quite disturbed by the misognyistic comments of the Obama supporters towards Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro, and also toward Sarah Palin. This is supposed to be the party of tolerance and unity?

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