Chuck says, “Vote for Mike”

I just received an email from Governor Huckabee’s campaign. They’ve produced their first TV ad, and made a limited buy in Iowa. Here it is. (also posted in comments by Robert D.  sorry I missed it.)

To contribute to Huck’s campaign, go here.

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  1. Dang it, shoulda emailed ya instead of linking it.

  2. Thanks nuke. 😉

  3. What a great ad. Chuck and Huck! no, wait, that may not be the best choice. 😕

  4. OK, talkin’ to myself now….check in later.

  5. I think it’s a great ad.

  6. Interesting Newsweek article.
    Baghdad Comes Alive!

  7. Wow bud, that’s more than I can comprehend tonight,,, too many pages.

  8. I also want to apologize for this little rant.

    Robert D, on November 18th, 2007 at 7:29 pm Said:

    Dang it, shoulda emailed ya instead of linking it.

    It just sounds way too much like Mike C. from another blog.

  9. Hey n2l, hope you had a great ride today, I’ll check in later. g’nite all.

  10. It’s a lot of pages, but kind of spaced out.
    Henh…I didn’t think it was a rant.
    Yeah, had to get away from town a little, I was surprised by how much traffic there was, considering the game. Usually the streets are empty when the Boys play.

  11. Mexico’s frustration with U.S. immigration policy builds.
    Well, cry some big ol’crocodile tears, while you are at it.
    How about spending the money for deportation centers on a program educating those who are considering becoming “illegal.”

  12. I like that quagmire.
    Mexico can kiss my a$$. Put all illegals behind the ones waiting now to be legal. that means deportation.

    What makes these people such freaks?
    Heather Mills: Drink Rat’s Milk for Gaia

  13. That was a wrong link, it goes on the open thread of beto omn.
    Here’s Heather

  14. Being encouraged by their moron friends, that their idiotic ideas are good.
    The Earth-The Earth…we all gona die, unless you live with fewer sources of fuel, food, and clothes.
    While they drive around in 4WD Mercedes.

  15. Hippiecrites….

  16. Dirty hippiecritters, too.

  17. Speaking of Moonbats, here’s one of the first…..
    Shirley MacLaine Enters ‘The No Spin Zone’

  18. Aren’t you supposed to cue the spooky space music with that link?

  19. If only I could. I’m warming up on the linking thing as it is.

  20. I love watching these old reruns of “Combat” with Vic Morrow.
    Couldn’t really appreciate what the stories were about, til now.

  21. I know what you mean. That was a never miss show our house when I was kid.

  22. Same here, and I even remember some of the episodes, but happily, most of them are like watching them for the first time.


  23. And now when she does seek a divorce she will get half of his half too.

  24. What a strange dude.

  25. The blog owner of lfg is still being an anal-sphincter, and the folks at Gates of Vienna are still puzzled by it.

  26. For what it’s worth, the blog owner at lfg is a petty, vindictive twit.
    I’m gonna watch the movie about the fall of Cuba…The Lost City.
    Been waiting for two years for it to be on tv.

  27. Well, that sort of narcissistic “It’s All About Me!” behavior is common for middle school children but really pitiful in a supposed adult.

  28. He must be trying to whip his sycophants into a frenzy. I don’t do frenzy, but guess that’s just my natural slothfulness speaking.

    In the meantime, the ironing is done, still more laundry to do, gonna vacuum the floor and head for bed. G’night, y’all.

  29. Night Swampie.
    If you haven’t, see The Lost City. Visually an excellent movie, very sad, historical, yet affirming. Very well done, in a sort of art-deco way.

  30. Just checked the comments section at GoV…Ed Mahmoud got banned from lfg last night.

    ed Mahmoud said…

    I just got banned for pointing out that Fjordman may have his reasons for not wanting to post under his own name.

    11/20/2007 1:12 AM

    Well, at least the ol’AtS served for some good folks to find each other. Now…it’s just sad.

  31. What was sad is that Ed would defend AtS at GCP, and he didn’t get banned for that.

    /just sayin’.

  32. Yep, but cj and his adorers read gcp, and ed’s posting his lgf comment over there was an act of reptilian apostasy.

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