Battle’s eve

A few weeks ago, Pat Dollard was telling us that Diyala Province would be the next great battleground in Iraq.

Michael Yon’s dispatch on the eve of this great battle is a must read. “Be Not Afraid”

Thoughts flow on the eve of a great battle. By the time these words are released, we will be in combat. Few ears have heard even rumors of this battle, and fewer still are the eyes that will see its full scope. Even now—the battle has already begun for some—practically no news about it is flowing home. I’ve known of the secret plans for about a month, but have remained silent.

Wonderful writing. Just reading it gives me chill bumps. Read it all! Mail a copy to Reid and Pelosi. And, drop a few coins in Michael’s tip jar while you’re at it.

h/t swampwoman

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  1. Several good reports, are found here from Pat Dollard.

  2. Good reports, all. In the meantime, I’ve been reading about more oral diarrhea from the former anti-semite in chief from Plains, Georgia.

  3. Card check: Sign or else!. Vote expected Thursday.

  4. While I will not celebrate Jimmy Carter’s passing, I am growing impatient for that moment in time.

  5. Well, I’m sure his demise will be hailed with ululations from terrorists and third-world dictators everywhere.

    /And I just know that worthless POS is gonna want a state funeral.

  6. If he does, and I don’t doubt it for a moment, after watching he and his wife fume and steam, while attending Reagan’s funeral and listening to all of the praises for what RWR did for this country, you can be certain I won’t watch one second of it.
    Call me when they throw the dirt, though.

  7. Heads-up Swampie!
    Rudy G. just left Dallas, and is on his way to Florida…hat in hand.

  8. Dang, I hate that I missed Mitt when he was here, and I’ll doubtless miss Rudy when he gets here, too. Did you go see him?

  9. Geez, what took them so long to figure it out (Fed policies encouraging illegal immigration, that is).

    I figure that if the ol’ peanut planter gets a state funeral, I at least owe him a 1-finger salute for all the sh** he has said about America.

  10. #10-HELL NO!
    #11-Carter won’t even get that from me. I turned my back on him, and mooned him off, long ago.
    /okay, some red-eye was involved

  11. Oh, for that statement released by Sen. Dole, she has been against this massive, grandiose, comprehensive legislation from the start. She’s is just saying what most conservatives have been clogging up the DC phone lines with, prove to us you are serious about enforcing current law, before you try and lie to us again.

  12. I’m out.
    That ten inning, emotional college world series game wore me out.
    The Anteaters have some gumption, I’ll tell you what.
    Still, I’m pulling for the homies, Rice University, to win it all.

  13. G’night, then.

    Orson called to taunt me about being on the Oregon coast, and asked me to say hey to his friends as he is away from any computers at the moment.

    Well, mooning the peanut funeral procession would be good, too.

    Guess I’ll be workin’ most of da night, and then ol’ SwampMan has a bunch of picnic tables that he has to get built for the town 4th of July celebration. My part is to be the muscle (heh) to help move them around because those suckers are STURDY.

  14. Ah, (Re # 13) so Teheran gave the order, huh? (Well, I figured they didn’t pee unless Iran told ’em to.)

    Of course, that could describe both Hamas and our worst ever ex-President.

  15. I read that before I went to sleep last night. Can’t help worrying about the people in harm’s way, some of whom graduated from local high schools last year, some of whom are teachers at the local schools.

  16. God Bless’em all.

    For the lighter side of the matter, here’s a call to prayer I did not know about.

  17. Siesta time.

  18. Oh, no, you don’t, mister. You keep them eyes wide open and start cooking dinner.

  19. That young man needs his mouth washed out.

    My grandma used that homemade soap on me. That was some nasty s***.

  20. I was just over at Powerline reading the captioning of the Jimmy Carter pic, the one where he looks like ol’ Arafat snuck up behind him for a game of hyena and lion.

  21. Guess I haven’t knocked enough things over in here to wake up ol’ n2L. Perhaps it’s because I have such a soporific soothing effect on people.

    I was over at daughter’s today to return an item she left at my house last week. As soon as I walked in the door, she placed the 4-week-old grandson’s grumpy little butt in my arms with a sigh of relief because the cavalry had arrived. I admired the strength of his lungs for a little while, then cuddled him up against me and sang to him until he went to sleep in self-defense. The 3-year-old grandson generously offered to let us take “baby” home with us.

  22. At Michelle Malkin’s site is a story on Ex-Muslims stand up in Britain. These are truly a courageous bunch, unlike, say, the chickenshit heart duo of Reid and Pelosi and the effete coterie of Democratic presidential hopefuls who apparently are in a contest to see who can wave the surrender flag the most vigorously.

  23. Damn. NBC news is showing how easy (within 15 minutes) it is to obtain documents to cross the border.

  24. So, tell me again how that border security plan is going to work?

  25. #22-Fixin’ to go out for dinner.
    #23-No he don’t, he was speaking Arabic.
    #24-Let me know when they feature this pic.
    #25-Ahh, that new baby smell!
    #26-They won’t get any ink or air time, they have seen the light.
    Driving down the Dallas North Tollroad today, I was reminded how quickly those miles upon miles of sound barrier walls were built, and yet building a wall on the southern border is impossible to do.
    Gotta go, later.

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