Jackalope Alert! FoxNews snookered by gaiaists

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200jackalope.jpgTalk about buying into the global warming hysteria. Ever since FNC offered up Robert Kennedy as a “special correspondent” on its much ballyhooed global warming report, Fox has become a sucker for the gaiaist apocalyptic syndrome. Yesterday’s report on Lohachara Island was an another example of junk science gone wild.

The Fox story began with this bold headline:

An inhabited island has been wiped off the face of the Earth due to global warming, Britain’s The Independent newspaper reported on Sunday.

Remote Lohachara Island was in the Indian part of the Sundarbans , a vast mangrove delta where the Ganges empties into the Bay of Bengal on the Indian-Bangladeshi border.

Rising sea levels have swallowed the island whole, according to the report. It was once home to 10,000 people.

Lohachara’s disappearance wasn’t easy to discover. Satellites monitored it until it finally disappeared.

As Aaron noted at Free Will, “Odd. You’d think the inhabitants would’ve noticed it before the satellites did. Or, they might not:

As Tim Blair notes, this “shocking news actually took place 22 years ago.”

None of that matters to the Independent’s environmental editor Geoffrey Lean,

who evidently believes all weather change is due to Meddling Humans. And that’s all change, whether towards cold or heat. In 2004, Lean reported that “Britain is likely to be plunged into an ice age within our lifetime by global warming”. Two years later, he asked: “So where has all the snow gone?”

I’m not at all surprised that the report originated in the UK Independent. This is the same newspaper that calls the idiot Robert Fisk, the “eminent Middle East scholar” of our time. Fox News has been flirting with the global warming crowd for several months. They should know better.

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  1. Thanks Nuke! This story was such crapola, just unbelievable.

  2. “No one can say exactly what it looks like when a planet takes ill, but it probably looks a lot like Earth….Suddenly and unexpectedly, the crisis is upon us….Something has gone grievously wrong. That something is global warming….It’s undeniable that the White House’s environmental record — from the abandonment of Kyoto to the President’s broken campaign pledge to control carbon output to the relaxation of emission standards — has been dismal.”
    — Time’s Jeffrey Kluger in the magazine’s April 3 global warming cover story: “Be Worried. Be Very Worried.” [62]

    Media Research Center’s Notable Quotables For 2006.

  3. Bwahahahaha

  4. Check out the whole list, there are some astoundingly moronic quotes from some astounding morons…that get air time.

  5. I just did. The Eleanor Clift quote is my favorite. She’s priceless

  6. There is a famous quote in the UK from the News Quiz Show. One contestant was doing very badly, by way of explanation he said “I’m not well up on the news this week – I’ve been reading the Independent”

    Yours truly, up at 4am with Trigeminal Neuralgia. Bah!

    BTW love the photo. Is it by any chance doctored? Reuters should be informed.

  7. 4 am? Holy cow vimto. Trigeminal Neuralgia, whazzat?

  8. Nuke…yeah she’s priceless alright, and I don’t know of any bidders.
    Vimto, dang! Hope you are alright. You trying to start keeping my hours?

  9. As for the pic, that’s a Texas classic photoshop, since I was a kid. The famous Jackalope.

  10. Yup. That’s a male jackalope.

  11. Libs and global warming believers should be pointing out this bogus crap.

    At the very least let’s deal with real science, and bring the debate where it needs to be. Are humans heating the earth? And if they are, what can we possibly do about it?

  12. Actually, the Jackalope goes well beyond my birth, and isn’t originally from Texas.
    Hunh, the things you find on the innernut.
    Your mythical beast really does exist!

  13. Well that’s just it Sarah D. Why have a debate when hysteria will do?

  14. And them jackalopes are mighty fine eatin’

  15. Are they?
    What about Snipes?

  16. deep-fried

  17. Hi Nuke – just love the Jackolope.

    it’s a one sided headache caused by the inflamation of the trigeminal nerve. Had the thing all over Christmas. Doesn’t go away easily but painkillers make it quite bareable.

    Seen Swampie’s off to work for the lambing season – if anyone’s in touch please give my regards.

  18. Great News form Somalia. Ass whoopin’ is what they got. I had an Ethiopian guy write saying their army is well disciplined and very effective. He said this would happen. I wasn’t sure of his info – but seems he was right. These Islamist will now bear a extra grudge for centuries…..Ho hum…

  19. Will do. Hang in there, vimto, Hope you feel better soon

  20. Vimto, hope you are feeling better, but have been waiting to hear if your Momma is home yet.

  21. I’ve been cooking an old family recipe, that I got from my Grandmother, and she had for who knows how long. It’s a Tomato-Chili recipe, that is most excellent on peas…blackeyed peas, especially. Fixing a big batch to give family members, so we can all enjoy our good luck blackeyed peas New Years Day. Anyone that wants, I will gladly post the recipe. Simple and delicious.

  22. Well it’s no wonder your average person is getting hysterical, when the supposedly trustworthy “news media” is blasting off these totally bogus scare stories. Most people don’t bother to think about what their local area was like a few thousand years ago, they just read the headline and gasp.


  23. good point. With all of the wood and coal,plus unregulated waste disposal 100-200 years ago, the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere was probably much higher.

  24. I’m not even talking about human made pollutants, I’m talking about natural climate cycles. The reason you can find seashells in a desert.

  25. Yup. Thanks again for posting this at NP.

  26. All explained here in a BBC article written over three years ago (wonder what the flavor would be today?)….

    Fears Rise for Sinking Sundarbans


  27. Yes Mum’s home thank the Lord. But frail. Operation went very well, but age makes it harder to recover. Thanks for the asking.

  28. God Bless Her, vimto.
    There is no love, like a mother’s love.


  30. what happened?

    I DON’T KNOW ?


  32. rayseedplanter. You know, it might just be a technical problem. Have you cleared your cache recently? Also,
    check your email. I just sent you a message

  33. Oh, Vimto! Trigeminal neuralgia is so excrutiatingly painful! Are your doctors considering decompression surgery or radiofrequency ablation?

  34. Dear Nuke:
    Thank you for the advise.
    Since I could not get through to NowPublic, I signed up with Newsvine.
    I was doing alright until I sent a comment to ARDITH.
    He said he was offended and he was going to report me to the “Lords”. So, I sent him a “I am sorry note”.
    Now! I can’t sign in to Newsvine!
    What’s going on ? ? ?

  35. Dang, Planter. You must be snake-bit

  36. Dear Nuke:
    Once again thank you for the advise.
    I guess you’re right, the Lords don’t like getting bite by a snake.

    I will be signing out for now and I’ll keep you posted.


  37. drop by any time

  38. Hi Swampwoman – hope the lambing is going well. In Wales we have more sheep than people and they walk down the roads freely, we give way to them. Honest! It’s like cows in India.

    I’m going back in a week I’ve got no idea what they will do. We’ll see – till then it’s managable. With Brufen it’s no more than a distraction.

    N2L: yep I am honored to have my mother with me so late in life. Just don’t want to let her go.

  39. She will always be with you, just take a little advise, and get all of those loving hugs you can. They are a gift from God.

  40. That’s so funny 😀

  41. Hey, N2L! Where dat blackeye pea recipe? We needs all the help we can gets.

  42. You want it, I’ll put it up right now…the game is over.

  43. Well, it is a bit late, No2libs. If you want to wait until tomorrow morning to get it together and type it up, I’m prepared to let you.

    /Imperial Roman matron mode.

  44. […] I say that with sarcasm. Because some people just don’t get it. Hello – when the world is melting, you go bury your head in the sand and that will make it all better (for the rest of us living in reality). […]

  45. I’m, uh, kinda fading fast, and will bid y’all a fond good night.

  46. I’ll email it.

  47. Emcee, honey, the world has been “melting” since the glaciers receded from much of North America. I kinda like it that way.

  48. Okay, No2libs, g’night. (Didn’t want to beg/demand recipe and then go to sleep before it was posted!)

  49. Swampie!
    /no feeding the trolls

  50. Yes, Unc! But it does annoy me when people have so little idea of history.

  51. I know, I know.
    Not only historically challenged, but scientifically challenged as well.
    Check your email.

  52. Reading E-mail now….

  53. BTW. That sauce is gooood. I probably tasted it a little too much last night, and oh my, whatever could I do with the 1/2 cup of sauce left over, when the jars were full, and voila, there just happened to be some leftover cornbread in the fridge. I know, I just couldn’t let it go to waste.
    Hey Swampie, forgot to tell you, that recipe I emailed yields about one quart.

  54. I wonder what ol’ emcee has against jackalopes. Bet a good deep fried jackalope with some hawsraddish sauce would be pretty good, specilly with n2l’s blackeyed peas

  55. It ain’t just the blackeyed peas, it’s the sauce.
    As for fried jackalope, as long as it comes with a side of Snipes, it’s alrighty.
    Makes Mr. Hanky happy.

  56. #49 (Swampwoman and no2liberals) –

    Except I didn’t post that, the courageous owner of this hilarious blog ping-backed my blog entry.

  57. Hey mcclaud. The ping-backs are automatic. In my humble opinion, it takes more courage to leave them on rather than to turn them off. You linked my article. WordPress picked up the link and generated the pingback. Get over yourself. Now go away, until you learn some manners.

  58. I’m not saying that it takes less courage to turn it on. I’m just clarifying that you pingbacked me, and in no way did I actively troll your comment section, as no2liberal seemed to imply. I have only read one other entry on your blog about the Counterterrorist blog. I have chosen not to directly comment on your blog, to avoid stirring up your readers.

    Also, if someone wants to respond to my blog, they should do so in my blog, so I can see it. Only by clicking on the referral notice in my dashboard did I know you ping-backed me, and then I saw the other responses. Swampwoman’s comment would have been totally lost on me had I not checked. I don’t normally allow comments to show through, though. But at least I see them.

    You do what you will. I’m not sure what the intention is to pingbacking other than generating more comments to your blog, but you have your reasons, I’m sure.

  59. mcclaud, I’m a bit foggy on this one but could it be to enable communications? Seems reasonable to me. Nuke’s made a judgement call. That’s all.

  60. Well, it could be. I don’t understand the point, but that’s just me.

    I’m just letting other people know who responded to my pingback that if they want me to see their response, they’ll have to respond to my blog. Because after tonight, I’ll probably be too busy to check this entry again. It may escape my memory or something, as well.

    When I said “courageous,” I was actually being serious. If you turn it on, and a lot of people comment/link about your blog, you are going to get a LOT of comments. I personally don’t allow comments in my blog, but that’s because that’s not what my blog’s for. I’d like to have no comments because then I wouldn’t have to sift through them and decide what stays and what goes. I write in my blog at work, often multitasking.

  61. Hey Mcclud, I don’t think there is much here – I think that your blog and Nukes have different functions and that accounts for the choices made.

    I will check you blog out. I may or may not agree with it but I think it’s good you have taken the time to put it into the public domain.

    BTW – Where in the world are you – I’m in the UK and not many people are awake when I post!

  62. well mcclaud, from the housekeeping section: “Comments are invited.
    They are both open and unmoderated, and may not reflect the views of Nn&v.”

    If you choose not to comment here, fine. But don’t pull some silly reason out of your ass like not “wanting to stir up the readers”. You’re not that important.

    Come again if you like. If not, fine.

  63. vimto1 –

    I’m in Omaha, Nebraska in the US. I work nights from 7 pm to 5 am as a Systems Administrator for a financial transaction company called First Data. I actually work with many European data centers, so I’m awake during your early morning/noon time.

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