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A ‘God Moment’ In Mumbia’s Oberoi Hotel!

ObamaCare:A Disaster That Can, And Must Be, Avoided!

The Dhimwit Of The Month For May Goes To “24″

Some Where, Some One, Is Having A BIRTHDay!

What A Horse Taught Me About ‘Loss Of Purpose’

Memorial Day:A Day Of Honor And A National Moment Of Remembrance!

How Low Can He Go? CJ Garners TROP’s Dhimwit Of The Month!

What Say You, Thomas Paine?

World Down Syndrome Day Is Today!

I Just Found Out…Tiger Woods Is One Cool Guy!

Update:Buffalo, NY “Honor” Killing!

Almost As Funny As Chasing A One-Legged Rooster!

Obama:He Sure Can Pick’em!

Media Bias:Admission By Deletion!

Now This… Is A Knife!

2008:A Quick Review

Obama:Time’s Man Of The Year?

Heisman Exit Poll:Sam Bradford

Jesus And The Obamabots!

Obama’s Own Words:We Will Bankrupt New Coal Plants!

If A Speech Writer Switches Parties, Would The Media Report it?

Moving forward without my buddy

Saying goodby to “Buddy”…A Loving tribute in tears

Russia’s Dirty Game

Robin Long, your obligations have come due!

Coah Bill McClure: RIP. You served your LORD well

Denning Cicero Johnson: Not Just A Name on the Wall

The Entepreneurial Spirit Lives … Make your own ethanol at home

Primo…Secundo…Tertio! Lord Monckton Exposes Advocates of Global Warming Dishonesty!

Texas Mourns! ARSON!!

Barry Certainly Is Getting Lots Of Letters These Days!

Gen. Petraeus Briefs Congress This Week…Dems Only Want Bad News!

R.I.P. Charlton Heston! You Will Be Missed!

The SYM And The Night Of The Short Knives!

My Personal ‘Iraqi Freedom’ Hero Is Coming Home!

The SYM! Anger, Fear, Pain, and Alcohol!

More Americans See Progress In Iraq! Pew Research Poll Finds!


Touchscreen Table! (why haven’t I heard about this?)

Letter To The Editor!

Setting The Record Straight On The McCain-GOP Establishment Tag-Team!

Another <i>Tale Of A Sweaty Young Man!</i> The Road Trip To Dagupan!

McCain Must Go…A Rant!

Corporate And Public Funding For An Islamic Ghetto In Philadelphia!

It’s That Time Of Year, Again!

It’s Been Called…A Day Of Infamy!

Giving Thanks Is For Iraq, Too!

My Fondest Memories Of Thanksgiving, Were With My Family!

The <i>SYM</i> Gets Pwned For Christmas!

SCHIP Put’s Us On A Slippery Slope!

Democrats In Congress Want To Deny Care To A Sick Child!

The Worst Congress <b>EVER</b>, Is Due To It’s Leadership!

W…He Still Got Game!

Tulsarama!(or Christine…is that you?)

Radical Islam And “The God That Failed!”

Infidelophobia©…In The Words Of The Koran!

Clinton, Soros, and Friends…Oh My!

Patrick Lynn Blair:Not Just A Name On The Wall!

The <i>SYM</i> And His 7-Fitty!

“The Father of the Science of Modern Climatology” Should Be Listened To!

Pelosi’s Greatest Fear? Signing Statements.

George Soros Is A Pimp, And Leftists Are His <i>Crack’Ho’s</i>!

From An Unapologetic Gun Owner!

Tehran Infiltrates U.S. Congress!

<b>FOUND:</b> Origins Of The Term <i>Mad Mullahs</i>

The <i>SYM</i> And The Night Of The Wild “Sabong”

An Inspiring Story Of Our Military Men And God’s Love!

It Must Be Letter Writing Day

Science Is God’s Language!

Two Neglected Children Encounter The SYM.

HRT© Has Huge Thighs And A Foul-Mouth!

The Silence Of The Utah Jihadi Killings!

Iraq:Much Is Happening, Despite The Leftards And ChickenHearts.

Another Of God’s ‘Angels Of Bataan’ Has Been Called Home!

A New Lubricant:May Make Ball-Bearings Unnecessary

The Sweaty Young Man And His Fi-Fitty!

Once Again…Is Osama Dead?

I Dreamed Of Iraq Being Abandoned!

The Sanctions On Iran Are Working…More Needed.

American ChickenHearts Speak-Arab States Listen(and go shopping)

Rudy Struggling With One Simple Concept.

Global Warming Needs To Be Accelerated!

Traiterous Leftards To Attempt Desecration Of Hallowed Ground!

No To Liberals. That’s My Name…Wear It Out!

We Need Foreign Surveillance, And We Need It Now!

The Center For The Intrepid Is Dedicated Today.

How Do We Define A ‘Muscular Liberal?’

Werewolves! A Repressed Insurgency.

Why 21,500 Additional Troops Is Actually Enough (As A Force Multiplier)

Winning Hearts And Minds In Al Anbar!

Come With Me To Admissions.

Welcome Home, G.I.! (or parking diagonally in a parallel universe)

The Hangman Cometh!

They Called Him…Lead Belly!

14 Responses

  1. Now….ain’t this spiffy?

  2. Plumb spiffy, indeed™

  3. Soon as we get Robt D’s and Swampie’s post count up some, we can do a page for them too.
    Cool, huh!

  4. It’s so cool, you ain’t wearing no underwear!!!

  5. Hey, I don’t want to be on pages with people that ain’t wearin’ drawers.

  6. I feel kinda bad posting content on a political blog when I am mostly apolitical. I purty much dislike all politicians.

  7. as long as you wear drawers

  8. Heh. After reading more and more about the skeletons in Obama’s closet that are being ignored or dressed in fashionable clothing by the MSM, I’ve begun posting political crap with a vengeance.

    I hope to be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

  9. Well what brings us all over here?

  10. oh, just a little late…….

  11. Why is everybody picking on me?

  12. That’s what I was wondering….

  13. [...] n2l [...]

  14. [...] Hat tip for nudging me on this story: no2liberals [...]

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