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Human Trafficking and Slavery in DC Beltway

DCA: Is this the cure for cancer?

It’s up to the Christians

This is how we lost to the white man

Why I won’t be voting for Barack

So many dots, so little time

The Myth of the undecided voter

The Belmont Debate

FASB 157 gets a “clarification”

Biden: the next to go under the bus

Gut-wrenching inexperience

Cold fusion, quantum physics, foosball

The Obama record


Mississippi on my mind

Shopping Spree

Goin’ Vertical

Another Week In The Can

Stocking up

Jeremiah Wright is the least of his problems

Just Words?

Going Fishin’

Red Letter Days in Nukedom

Breakthrough Energy Discovery?

Peeling the Onion

The Judgement to Lead

Another Day, Another Tax Increase

Tax cuts for the rich-Part 2

Obama’s Super Tuesday Speech

Tax cuts for the rich

Huckabee: no economic conservative

Fiscon Identity Politics

From the mailroom

FDT Koolaid disorder: a Primer

Fred Sez

Mr. Reagan’s Record

An Open Letter to Mike Huckabee

The Club for Growth: Slouching towards irrelevance

Listening to Howard Dean

Club for Growth goes all in

Mitt v Hillary: Take the Quiz

Another Week in the Can

Mea culpa, mea culpa

Paulian Poge or Imposter

The Ghosts of Presidents Past

WWTD? (What would Toomey Do?)

The Country Club for Growth strikes again

Huckabees Willie Horton?

Club for Growth: Membership has it’s privileges

Mass resignations at CBN in wake of Rudy endorsement?

More on Club for Growth’s smear of Mike Huckabee

What is behind the Club for Growth’s attack on Mike Huckabee?

Ghosts of Presidents Past

Huckattack from the Left

Huckabee: Life is Good

Huckabee: The Real Deal

Top 20 Mike Huckabee Facts

Why Mike Huckabee?

Huckabee withdraws from Carter confab

Thursday Nite Thoughts

Jihad Jane

Mahmoud’s Excellent Adventure

The Church of the Goracle Demands a Sacrifice

Brave New World?

“Why I Hate Israel”, by the UN Human Rights Council

The Great Global Warming Swindle

A Conservative’s Response to Michael Moore’s “Pledge”

Apartheid Yardbird and the Saints

2 Responses

  1. Bill Clinton is not dead, he still alive, ask his wife Hillary.

  2. No one is smarter than their criteria…

    Though the election is over, Gov. Sarah is being attacked by the leftist-humanists because they fear her re-appearance on a future ballot. They are afraid and rightly so! She is a perceptive excellent candidate to represent the Founders Principles and our American way of life with intelligent courage.

    Additionally, since no one is smarter than their criteria, the collectivists are working from a pre-chosen mediocre (and worse) set of man-made carnal-ruled opinions that delimit perception of consequences-of-choice prior to choosing. In other words, they lack Vision. Based on a universe-sized ignorance, such devices are self-imposed, thus, the lefties can accurately and historically be defined as unintelligent.

    On the other hand, Sarah and her chosen criteria, which is far superior to any man-made system of opinion, and reasonably scares those who possess no practicing standard greater than mediocrity. Their collectivist opinion rises no higher than eyebrows – or belly-button.

    Sarah lives life governed by God’s superior transcendent principles as found in The Holy Bible. Judeo-Christian principles are the founding precepts of the greatest nation in human history; America! Including, but not limited to, Human Defined: Earth’s Choicemaker, Unique Individual Value, Personal Rights and Responsibility, and Representative Government. Add: The Creative Process is a choice-making process and functions best in Freedom.

    ( 5th Grade Lesson: God-made social criteria cannot be topped. All man-made social opinion has a ceiling! )

    ( 6th Grade Lesson: Every IQ Test is a test of one’s ability to make choices. )

    Sarah is recognized by friends and admirers a worthy representative of all that is wonderful about America. 2012 will be here shortly. Keep your eye on this courageous intelligent leader – and pray!

    a Happy 2009 AD….the Season of Generation-Choicemaker Joel 3:14 Psalm 25:12 kjv

    Jim Baxter
    Santa Maria, CA

    semper fidelis
    Sgt. USMC
    wwii & Korean War
    pointman/follower of The Lion of Judah
    Joel 3:14 Psalm 25:12 kjv

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