MSM scandal of the day

Trying to keep up with the on-going character assassination attempt by the MSM has been tough.
Have I left any out?

1) Trig not Palin’s son – LIE
2) SP was hiding Bristol’s pregnancy – LIE
3) SP endorsed Pat Buchanan – LIE
4) SP hates Jews – LIE
5) SP was never discussed as a possible veep candidate – LIE
6) SP was a member of an Alaskan secessionist party – LIE
7) SP was not vetted by the McCain campaign – LIE
8. SP said the Iraq was was a mission from God – LIE
9) SP lied about opposing Bridge to Nowhere – LIE
and most recently debunked by the Smoking Gun
10) SP had an affair with her husband’s business partner – LIE
11) SP is a book burner – LIE

Sarah has been on the scene for a week now.

The behavior of the media is disgusting.

Here is the latest attempted smear, brought to you courtesy of the AP…
12) SP’s church is promoting a conference that promises to convert gays into heterosexuals through the power of prayer. ((( Prayer? …… G A S P !!! )))

And of course, the M.O.A.S., The October Surprise, the so-called Troopergate scandal. Pshaww.

Not to mention the illegal release of her social security number, the rumors, innuendo, and the untold number of truly mean-spirited references to her sex, her small town background, her Christian beliefs, etc., etc., etc. Nothing is out of bounds to these sleezey vermin.

The hell with them.

Update: Howie Carr is keeping a list of Sarah’s so-called “sins”

Update 2: Fox News is also keeping score

Update 3: Michelle Malkin has the latest scandal. “Palin called Obama a “sambo”

Update 4: Ed Morrisey takes on the latest nutroots meme – The Palin Bubble

Update 5: Charles Martin has the Mother Of All Sarah Palin Rumor Lists.

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17 Responses

  1. They absolutely fear her.

  2. yes they do

  3. I think the proper phrase is “TO hell with them!”

    (It’s not a curse–really! It’s a theological assessment of slanderers. After all, “slanderer” is simply a translation of the Koine Greek word, “diabolos” from whence we have the word, “devil”. See? A little theological education–heck, a little education at all, something the Mass Media Podpeople are counting on sheeple NOT having–comes in handy sometimes.)

  4. Of course, you are correct.

    I purposely wrote “The” instead of “To” because I don’t feel comfortable declaring that they have indeed passed the final point of redemption.

  5. Now…this is funny!
    /i don’t care who you are

  6. If the liberal media were smart, they would have responded to their fear (and Palin-fearing they are: she’s not the Hail Mary pass, so much as the down-the-middle-of-the-plate fastball to the strongest hitter with the bases loaded) differently. Had they damned her with faint praise, no one would have paid her much attention.

    People are asking if the media is truly unbiased (finally!). They feel sympathetic. In the voting booth, a lot of feminists are going to ask themselves whether they can cast a vote against her, or whether they want to stand up to the people who did this.

    At any rate, thank you for the updates. I hate wading into the media’s slander of her, if even to find out what they are lying about this time (and why it’s a lie), but I do like to have some info on hand for the people who swallow it.

  7. I doubt women will vote for Palin simply because she is a woman, any more than a man will vote for Obama because he is male.

    McCain and Palin would do well to start talking about the role energy prices have in the economy.

  8. Thanks for the link!

  9. great job of the M.O.A.S.P. list

  10. Hey guys,
    I just purchased this new book on Obama, its great!
    Check it out, its called “The Accomplishments of Barack Obama”, it has a table of contents and a foreward, and the rest of the book is blank. I baught three of them for my friends in the office. Check out the website, I put the book on my coffee table and had a party this past weekend, everyone thought it was hilarious:

  11. Hilarious! OMG!!! That is so funny, jeremy!

    On another note, I have to dubunk number nine on your list. I don’t really think it needs stated (seeing as about EVERY news organization has said that she has, in fact, lied numerous times about the bridge) but here it is in black and white.,0,6108885.story

  12. Steve J. — hard at work with the Obama Plunge Protection Team?

  13. And B-HO voted for the bridge in the Senate. One of the rare occasions he was actually there to vote.

  14. Not so much the O.P.P.T. as much as the P.P.L.T. That’s the Prove Palin Lied Team for those of you that are acronymically challenged.

    P.S. – He very well may have “voted for the bridge”, no2. But if you asked him about it, I’m sure he wouldn’t lie. Or at least he HASN’T lied about it yet. As opposed to Palin – who CAN’T STOP lying about it.

  15. I haven’t heard B-HO address the bridge issue, as the adoring media certainly won’t ask.
    But B-HO lies all the time, he is pathological.
    As for Sarah, I don’t think she is lying.

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