Tell us again, Jane

I finally found a link to Jihad Jane Fonda’s over the top remarks regarding the US withdrawal from Vietnam, and the ensuing massacre of South Vietnamese and Cambodians: ( BOR Talking points memo )

What do you think about what happened to the three million Vietnamese and Cambodians who died after the U.S. troops left Vietnam?

FONDA: It’s too bad that we caused it to happen by going in there in the first place.


The remembrances of the Cambodian killing fields are to many people reduced to photos of neatly stacked bones and skulls for the records of posterity. For the survivors, it is much more. But, being yellow-skinned, and half-way around the world, it is too simple for limousine liberals like Ms. Fonda to dismiss them outright, or even blame the deaths on the government of the US.

If there can be one more call for “never again”, let it be now, as Jihad Jane and her anti-war amigos seek another unintended massacre in Iraq.

No, Jane. Hell no, we won’t go.

You were wrong then, and you are wrong now. Never again.

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  1. Remember, with leftards like her, it’s their wonderful intentions, not the results, that matter. How dare we question her intentions?
    /beeyotch…stay in your limousine

    Nuke, check my last post down yonder at the Identify The Enemy thread.
    /not good

  2. I don’t have words that are printable here about Jihad Jane. I’ll leave it up to those of you who were there.

  3. In an OT subject: You may want to watch Hannity/Colmes later tonight. Global warming scientists rip apart Algore and his theories. Tivo may work better so you don’t have endure the usual crap. Even Colmes could not get in a word against them. Heeehheeeee…

  4. Oh, MAN, I so want to watch that!

    /Warding off the ice age in my office. (Yeah, I know, shaddup, it isn’t even freezing.)

  5. I see Jane Fonda as somebody that was always celebrated for her beauty/body desperately trying to prove to the world that she thinks deep thoughts™.

  6. Thanks, R. D. Tivo it will be.
    Watching the show about the Bismarck on History, right now.

  7. Dang it, N2L. Missed it. I’ll watch for it again. Dogfights is one good show!

  8. It sure is. It comes on again at 1a.m.CST.

  9. Got it! it’s tivo’d. Or I should say DVR’d. Thanks.

  10. They do a great job with the computer generated graphics…as usual.

  11. It’s looks like you are there. Amazing! And the people that were that talk about it is priceless. And I don’t mean that as a commercial. Priceless!

  12. Yeah, they interview survivors of the HMS Hood, and the Bismark, as well as those that participated in the Bismark’s demise.

  13. N2l, Some of my most emotional/confusing moments of some shows like this, are the “enemies” that meet after years of hating what happened to each of them. This was probably not one of them, but you know what I’m talking about. I guess time does heal all?

  14. Robert D, I would think that it has more to do with the person on the other side of the line having more in common with the former enemy that has experienced the same conditions than with his countrymen that did not.

  15. It may be even more true with this battle than most others. You’ll see what I’m talking about, when you hear the final comments from the participants.
    They were all sailors, just on different ships.

  16. Hey Swampie, hows the hobbled wheel?

  17. “Robert D, I would think that it has more to do with the person on the other side of the line having more in common with the former enemy that has experienced the same conditions than with his countrymen that did not.”

    Comment by SwampWoman — January 30, 2007 @ 11:34 pm

    That’s what I was thinking. Good point.

  18. Hiya Nuke..good grief..cant she stay “gone”?!

  19. Much better after a week of (relative) rest and bracing.

  20. Well I’m glad your relatives are all rested up, then.

    Now, for your viewing pleasure, a typical American demonstrates the proper attitude and use of the Koran.
    *Strong language may be offensive*
    If the handling of the mohammeds pathetic tome offends you, get bent.

  21. Nah, Angel, she’s just like John F’n Kerry, in love with the idea of celebrity, and the sound of her own voice

  22. N2L, Excellent! Thank You!

  23. R.D…henh, welcome.
    He should have used frangibles at the end, makes good mulch.
    /OMG…they killed Kenny!

  24. They can’t kill Kenny! :lol:

  25. The gnomes did it.

  26. OT again. But don’t be fooled by Rudy. He will not change his stripes!

  27. Well, where did everyone go?
    I wanted to say goodnight.

  28. Sorry N2L, that was a long http: :grin:

  29. Giuliani can’t fool me, I would never support him for more than a cabinet position, and besides, the 2nd amendment ain’t about duck hunting.

  30. I’ll email you the code for a hyperlink.

  31. still here, just surfing a bit

  32. there, shortened that link for ya

  33. Yep! The only way in for him is VP. I may vote for McCain if I have to, but I want Nute to run.

  34. nuke, did you check-out that vid?

  35. which vid?

  36. I don’t want Rudy that close to the top, maybe Homeland Security Secretary, Sec Def. I won’t vote for McCain for dog catcher. Either of them gets the nod, I will leave the block for President blank, when I vote.

  37. #30 N2L
    It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  38. G’night, N2L! I was chuckling over Libby’s lawyers grilling reporters.

  39. Don’t make me vote for Hillary.

  40. bite your tongue! heh

  41. R.D. check your mail.
    Swampie, that whole thing…just bizarre.
    I will never ever vote for another Dhimmicrat, ever again, under no circumstances. The worst I will ever do is leave the President vote block blank, like some of my old friends that are Dhimmis did in 2000.

  42. Jeb gave a great talk today. I’d post the link but I’m getting tired lazy

  43. Don’t make me vote for Hillary.

    Comment by SwampWoman — January 31, 2007 @ 12:51 am

    We WILL hunt you down!

  44. I’m gone.

  45. Of course JEB gave a great talk today.

  46. G’nite N2L, I’ll check out the email info on a bottom thread tomorrow. Sleep well my friend.

  47. Goodnight, y’all, I gotta get serious about workin’ anyway.

    /I owe, I owe, I better get some dough.

  48. Nite

  49. G’nite SwampWoman, Sleep well. Yes, you beat me to it tonight! :lol:

  50. Did I forget you nuke? Sleep well nuke, I hope all is well in your world…

  51. Sleep? Who gets to go to sleep? Not me, I gots to work while the rest of y’all get the luxury of sleep.

    /I guess my tastes are just too expensive. Food, electricity, shelter, the occasional bit of clothing.

  52. nuke, that may have sounded somewhat insensitive. It wasn’t meant to be, just didn’t want to be intrusive.

  53. No probs Robert D. Glad you’ve been hanging out with us some lately.

  54. /I guess my tastes are just too expensive. Food, electricity, shelter, the occasional bit of clothing.

    Comment by SwampWoman — January 31, 2007 @ 1:09 am

    SwampMan needs a higher paying job to take of your high living standards. :razz:

  55. Glad to be here nuke.

  56. SwampMan is a schoolteacher with no aspirations to even looking for the corporate ladder, let alone climb it.

  57. Swamps, no offense intended, just joking…

  58. Heh. None taken, Robert D. I wouldn’t mind lunching with my girlfriends and abusing the hired help.

  59. This belongs down here, in the basement of Jihad Janes thread.
    What a puss-factory.

  60. Jimbo tore him a new a-hole over at b5

  61. Haven’t checked on B5 yet.
    I get the feeling this POS did that just to see what kind of reaction he could stir up. You know, even bad attention is attention.
    /look at me…look at me

  62. [...] Party of Defeat to dismiss them outright, or even blame the deaths on the government of the US, as I noted several weeks ago: What do you think about what happened to the three million Vietnamese and Cambodians who died [...]

  63. its pretty bad
    you cannot stop kenny dying although one halarious episode he survive

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