I Smell a Rat

Over the weekend, a story broke from Iraq describing a mysterious illness that affected hundreds of policemen from a unit in Iraq. The symptoms were unusual in the sense that they were not consistent with what would be expected from the use of a biological or chemical weapon. They were consistent, however, with the symptoms of ingesting rat poison, discussed here, and on this thread at GCP.

Interestingly enough, a similar substance was found to be the contaminant of a Danish water reservoir, during a routine check.

A vial labeled rat poison found in the bottom of the well has been traced to the pharmacy where it originated, investigators told the Post.

A coincidence? Perhaps. But, I smell a rat.

4 Responses

  1. Generally one smells rats when they are dead. These would appear to be ambulating freely.

  2. Zombie Jihadi Rats would be a nice band name.

  3. More “youthful” mischief, perhaps?

  4. Definitely “youthful” mischief since they probably don’t have rival football teams.

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