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Followups and Birthday Greetings

This is a followp on last week’s post regarding some interesting new gadgetry from Sony — MYLO. “My Life Online” Youtube has a video demonstration. Have a look for yourselves.

The second followup is regarding the IBM 5150 PC. We posted about it here
Happy Birthday! The PC is 25 years old today.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

George Galloway Hits Bottom, Keeps Digging

George Galloway in rare form, describes the Bush-Blair alliance as being not unlike Clinton-Lewinski

George Galloway: Well, it’s the same kind of relationship that Ms. Lewinsky had with the former U.S. president. It’s dishonorable, disreputable, unequal, and humiliating for a once great country to be the tail of the American dog, when the head of the dog is as crazy as Bush is. It’s very degrading for us. Our foreign ministry knows this very well. Our ambassadors in the Arab countries know this very well. They tell Mr. Blair, though not loud enough, not courageously enough, but he’s not listening to them, because he has this special relationship with George W. Bush, which is not only degrading, but is placing our people in danger. Our interests are being sacrificed as a result, and the name of our country is being dragged through the mud everywhere in the world. We are now the third most hated country on the earth, after the United States and Israel. This is not a place that most British people want to be. transcript from MEMRI TV

more of the useful idiot-marxist-islamist drivel.
If you didn’t know better, you’d swear you were reading Kos…

Rip It Good

Nuke Slywalker’s Website of the Week

Youtube, mytube, how-to.

Check It Out

Electronic Passports

Not even the foiled terror plot that heightened security checks at airports nationwide threatens to delay the rollout, the agency said. Any hitches in getting the technology to work properly could add even longer waits to travelers already facing lengthy security lines at airports.

The new U.S. passports will include a chip that contains all the data contained in the paper version – name, birthdate, gender, for example – and can be read by electronic scanners at equipped airports. The State Department says they will speed up going through customs and help enhance border security.

These new passports were demonstrated to be insecure at the recent Black Hat in LasVegas. Two steps forward, one step back.

read more at physorg

Because The Best Things In Life Are Free

El Nuko’s Website of the Week:

DealSpy — Hottest Deals on the Net. And mucho free stuff!

Check it out!

Mr. Subliminal Rides Again

Apparently, there’s a lot of buzz in Beirut concerning a new inscription on the hizballah flag, on display during the most recent tv appearance by Nasrallah.

The black part at the bottom of the flag caught viewers’ attention as it had inscribed on it the Koranic verse: “Prepare for them whatever forces you can muster” (Koran: Ch 8, Verse 60).”

Since hizballah has denied any significance to the inscription, I must assume that it carries a great deal of significance.

Read More at Ummah News Links

update at 15:10
a commenter pointed out that in addition to the black-stripe inscription, there is also a red-stripe inscription in the middle of the flag. Of course, it probably carries no significance either, riiiight.
Here’s a side by side comparison:

And here are some other variants. But none of them have the inscriptions in question…

Airline Bomb Plot: FR Thread Roundup

Over at Free Republic, Rte66 has been quite busy, compiling an extensive list of links detailing the failed London terror attack, from 8/9/06 through today.

Great reference.
Thanks Rte66

Here’s the Link

Pakistan Is The Key

Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor of The Australian has a powerful essay regarding the enigmatic role of Pakistan in the Global War On Terrorism.

Most of the young men alleged to be at the centre of the terrorist plot are British-born of Pakistani origin. They co-ordinated their actions with terrorist groups in Pakistan.

Al-Qa’ida itself established its terrorist training camps, and plotted and controlled the attack on New York’s twin towers, under the patronage of the Pakistan-backed Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Lashkar-e-Toiba, the al-Qa’ida-affiliated terrorist group that has made attempts to kill Australians on the Australian mainland, is Pakistan-based.

And yet it was intelligence co-operation from Pakistani authorities that enabled the British to foil this latest terror plot.

Pakistan is the pivotal nation. It is the only Muslim nation that undoubtedly possesses nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy Agency has testified that the father of the Pakistan bomb, AQKhan, passed nuclear warhead designs to Iran.

Recently, Pakistan’s military dictator, General Pervez Musharraf, has lost a lot of credit in Washington because elements of Pakistan’s notorious Inter Services Intelligence agency are involved with the resurgence of the Taliban in southern Afghanistan, a resurgence that directly threatens Australian soldiers about to be deployed there.

And yet John Howard declared last year: “Pakistan is a key ally for Australia in the war on terror and has played a pivotal role in efforts to dismantle global terrorist networks such as al-Qa’ida.”

So is Pakistan friend or foe, part of the problem or part of the solution? The answer, of course, is that it is both.

Read it all

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